Now I know what you're saying, it's probably a case of an excited tourist (or their sister) mistaking the identity of an NBA player.  But BEAR WITH ME:

What if:  

Lebron is going around in other cities telling people that he's a player from their own home team?  IF this is the case then Lebron has just scored a few points in our book.  There's no better time to Jedi Mind Trick someone than when they are excited-- angry, starstruck, etc.  You know that they would fall for WHOEVER he said he was out of the heat of the moment and being embarrassed at getting the basketball star's name wrong.  Is this not hilarious?  

My request to all of the NBA players that read this blog:  the next time someone approaches you excited and asking for a photo, TELL THEM YOU ARE SOMEONE ELSE and see if it sticks!  I am eager to test this theory, and it's fun for the whole family.  Seems to be working for Bronbron/D-Rose.  

Bonus points: Is D-Rose telling people he's Lebron?  I'm not so sure this works in the reverse.  

PS- I tell people I'm Jon Gosselin all the time.  
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....and we couldn't be happier.  SFB has been a TM fan since his early days, and have followed him through all of his hilarious addictions and resulting talk show appearances.  And It's Always Sunny...DON'T EVEN GET US STARTED!  While we agree that there are some garbage episodes, we have still seen every one of them, and even considered entering one of their contests one time.  


Occasionally someone will go out of their way for the SKB team that we feel compelled to engage in some shameless self promo for our local buddies.  This is one of those occasions, as a local Junk Car Buyer in Rhode Island has really helped us out.  So without further ado, the next time you have a non working auto or junk car making your yard look bad, contact RI Junk Car Removal company I Buy Junk Cars LLC at 401-432-5910 or

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Never heard of it!  WAKA WAKA uninteresting story here
PictureGet a loada this gagootz!
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So here I am feeling like some kinda gagootz, getting into a new show, only to find out there were two short season that seemed to fly by.  Finally, a show that combined my love for Nordic culture with my love for (and pseudo knowledge of) the mobster lifestyle.  I read about it a lot I mean...and I'm um...from...Rhode Island.  

Anyway I really do enjoy the show and am glad that Steven van Zandt and his pals are coming back for some more snowy shenanigans.  

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I was watching a Conan O'brien skit where he goes for a ride with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube around the hood, talking to people, drinking beers out of a paper bag, and while brought up the question:  When has Kevin Hart actually been funny?  

He's been entertaining in all of his movies and is a likable person, but funny...I can't seem to find any evidence of this person being funny in any of his movies.  I don't dislike him in the way that I dislike Dane Cook, but I think that he is an unfortunate result of the Dane Cook phenomenon, where if you are super expressive and act like something is interesting, millions of people tend to go with it.  I don't really care, I mean, he was in Soul Plane and I wasn't, so  he's definitely got that on me.  Oh, and millions of dollars.  


America has failed North Korea. How else could Dennis Rodman become the only American allowed in to North Korea without starting an incident? How else could Dennis Rodman, who couldn't even stay married to Carmen Electra, become better at relationship maintenance than our elected officials and actual diplomats? Is Kim Jong Un easier to deal with than Carmen Electra? The only way any of it makes sense is if we admit the truth: we have failed North Korea. We could have sent Sir Charles. We could have sent Magic. We could have sent Michael Jordan, for God's sake. Maybe Kim Jong Un, like Kim Jong Il before him, really just needed some damn Tagless Ts and undies to make him feel better about democracy. It would have all been so different. We failed, and they got Rodman instead. The conflict continues.
It's...a start

These days, haven't structural engineers faced off and succeeded against every possible challenge a building could need to endure? I'm reminded of the 1978 Hartford Civic Center roof collapse. At least those engineers planned their event carefully enough to avoid all possible injuries by bringing the roof down after the building was vacated. Unfortunately, the Apollo Theater's engineers and architects were not as thoughtful, and caused a litany of injuries to many of those present during the performance of “The Strange Case of the Dog in the Night-Time”. I suppose I could just be too harsh on this one. Maybe the performance was just that amazing? Would it be too soon for me to say they tore the roof off that sucka?
YOU did this!
PictureTarget's Customers Are More of an "Angry Rosacea"
Here's the "official" backstory from CNN
Written by new SFK Guest Blogger HASH BROWN
If you shopped at Target during Black Friday this year, chances are, someone snagged your credit card number—along with those of the 40 million other people who stood in line with you that day. My first thought on this report: “is Target really that thirsty, they need to gather their own customers' credit card numbers and then sell them off?” I thought about writing a spoof article with a title like, “Target Issues Formal Thank-You to 40 Million Customers for Providing Credit Card Numbers”. On second thought though, there's really no way they could have stayed legitimate while trying to take kickbacks from this big of a data heist. But what this really reeks of is a cost-cutting measure gone bad. How, you ask? My guess would be Target expected huge upturns in the sheer amount of data (our credit card numbers) they needed to collect on Black Friday, and, instead of investing significantly in bigger new systems or expensive software upgrades, they just stuck with what they had—or even worse—compromised some of their own security to prevent slowdowns or crashes. This would have left hackers and data miners with the keys to the kingdom, so to speak.

So, how can you protect yourself from this huge hack?

  1. First and foremost, fix the problem with your credit card company. Call the phone number on the back of your card, or in the event that Target somehow found a way to get their hack to physically steal the entire card, just use Google to look up the phone number of the credit card company in question.

  2. Call Target at 866-852-8680 to file a complaint, and to make them give you some sort of restitution—maybe a nice gift card that cannot be hacked (I'm just saying).

  3. Stop shopping at Target. Most other places have pretty good deals on BlackFriday anyway, and Walmart beats them in almost everything, including BlackFriday crowd surges and parking lot rage, which you can get without having to provide a credit card number.

As an early supporter of, I thought it was cool that it was a membership type deal where you sign up, usually after seeing something cool on Facebook, and then you get these sweet deals that are the lowest in the business on select gear.  It's where I got my Ovation for HUNDREDS less than the big musical instrument suppliers.  

Recently, or at least I think it is pretty recent, their member pricing and their guest pricing has been the same, and the deals haven't been as good.  I was looking at the Dimebag Darrell cabinet amp, AKA, shopping for a new neighbor pleaser, and I logged in to see the exciting deal only to be disappointed that it's the same price without logging in.  

Isn't this directly against their business model?  What incentive is there to join? What incentive is there to log in?  And lately I've found better deals on Musician's Friend.  Hello Music, you're on notice, pull it together.  
He Wasn't Metal Until You Pushed Him Too Far